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About Us


We have 30+ years of hands-on experience in water and wastewater automation with hundreds of water industry customers across 5 continents and 27 countries from UK to Australasia, China to Argentina.

We use our extensive global knowledge and experience of water and wastewater ICA technology to bring you the best water automation solutions on the market. 

Based in Modbury, Devon Water Automation Technology Ltd was formed by the ex-MultiTrode UK management team in 2019 as a UK based OEM manufacturer, importer and distributor of ultra-reliable technologies designed to build resilience with simple fit for purpose water automation solutions.

All of our products are deliberately designed to be as effective as possible at addressing the specific application to achieve the desired operational objectives such as driving down operational and energy costs, reducing the risk of expensive flooding and pollution incidents etc.

Across the world of water over 30+ years we've heard the same problem repeated time and time again, particularly within the larger municipalities, water utilities and water authorities. 'We haven't got enough skilled maintenance electricians or electrical technicians'. In reality this issue is sometimes exacerbated when electrical automation infrastructure has been over-engineered and made unnecessarily complicated. There's often a gap between technical design theory and operational reality.


Our philosophy is to build resilience and reliability through technical simplification.  

We are proud members of the British Pump Manufacturers Industry Association, click below for details

WAT water automation technology pump station


pump station level detection water automation technology WAT

Detroit, Michigan

Pump station energy optimisation and SCADA integration for Kennedy Industries ,Detroit


"Yes we told Stuart he looked like a nerd, he replied at least he was a safe nerd!, fair point, safety 1st"

Shenyang, China

Xylem China Standard TOP package pump station controls design completion FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)

"minus 10oC with wind blowing from Mongolia and they put the switchboard next to the delivery bay so doors kept opening and closing every 5 minutes, was absolutely freezing!!"

pump station level detection water automation technology WAT
pump station level detection water automation technology WAT

Manchester, UK

New Intelligent Pump site commissioning

"It's Manchester and it's raining, what else would you expect!"

Sentosa Island Singapore

Customer on-site new standard Pump Station controls training

"34oC high humidity and wearing jeans, great way to lose weight!"

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