Water Automation Technology

About Us


Based in Modbury, Devon Water Automation Technology Ltd was formed by the ex-MultiTrode UK management team in 2019 as a UK based OEM manufacturer, importer and distributor of ultra-reliable technologies designed to make water automation easy so there's less reliance on highly skilled Technicians.

The 1st thing we did together with our former MultiTrode Australia colleagues was re-design the old MultiTrode probe & MTIC as both were badly in need of modernising and improving, we now sell these much improved versions the FOGRod & Liquid Indicator Transmitter controller exclusively in UK and Europe. This is now available to all water industry sectors in the UK and Europe. 

All of our devices are deliberately designed to be as simple and effective as possible to specifically address the task in hand to effectively drive down operational and energy costs plus help reduce the risk of flooding and pollution incidents in the process.

Across the world of water over 30+ years we've heard the same problem repeated time and time again, particularly within the larger municipalities, water utilities and water authorities. 'We haven't got enough skilled maintenance electricians or electrical technicians'. In reality this issue is exacerbated when electrical automation infrastructure has been over-engineered and made unnecessarily complicated. There's often a gap between technical design theory and operational reality.


The answer to the problem is to build resilience and reliability through technical simplification. 

We also offer introductory wastewater pump station training courses covering the basics of control and hydraulics targeted at apprentices and employees new to the water industry. We also offer specialist training courses such as the MultiSmart Pump Station Manager, we cover all levels including introductory (Operator level) to advanced (ICA level). Contact us to discuss your specific training needs. 

We are proud members of the British Pump Manufacturers Industry Association, click below for details