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MultiTrode Probe technology enhanced
Introducing FOGRod® 

UK Exclusive distributor of the Multi-ElectTrode Conductivity Probe FOGRod®

FOGRod Retrofit


  • Operator friendly

  • Ultra reliable, proven over 40+ years

  • Protect your expensive pumps

  • Primary pump control

  • Back-up pump control

  • Dry run protection

  • Pump air-lock prevention

  • Reduce staff site visits

  • Protect the environment

WAT water automation technology FOGRod pump station

FOGRod - simple and easy option

  • Liquid level detection using multi-electrode conductivity sensors

  • No moving parts or complexity​

  • Applications include: wastewater, de-watering, bore holes, storm tanks, culverts etc 

  • 3, 5 and 10 electrode versions  

  • No complicated programming or configuration, no laptop required  ​


  • INSTALL - Simply fix bracket, lower, hang and connect. Only 1 cable to pull through ducting, unlike a 4 float system

  • MAINTAIN - Simply pull up through the cleaning bracket on a service visit, no electrical/ICA skills required.

  • Unaffected by fat, grease or foaming, works in heavy sludge

  • 10 year warranty, virtually unbreakable design

'The best pump in the world is only as good as it's control system'


MultiTrode probe direct replacement as designed by ex-MultiTrode Engineers. FOGRod is a modernised, unbreakable version designed to directly replace the ageing MultiTrode probe. FOGRod range also includes a unique design to the UK. A very cost effective 5 electrode version for use with liquid level conductive control relays for the very price sensitive application of float controlled single phase pump stations.

FOGRod - designed specifically for the water industry to deliver resilience and reliability by monitoring the level of water and wastewater effluent very simply and effectively.


How does FOGRod work?

FOGRod Specifications

WAT water automation technology FOGRod pump station

Warranty                        10 year

Construction                  PVC

Metal Sensors                AL6XN metal sensors (very high corrosion resistance)

Dimensions                    Diameter 35mm

Sizes                                10 electrode FOGRods, 3 lengths: 0.9m, 1.5m and 2.2m 

                                         5 electrode FOGRod 0.8m long 

                                         3 electrode FOGRod approx 0.5m long

Ratings                            IP68. Temperature -40oC to +70oC

Cable                               Braided shield, conductor size 0.5mm

Mounting bracket          Powder coated aluminium, polyurethane cleaning pad 

WAT water automation technology FOGRod pump station


< 12V AC and milli-amps of current level detection 

FOGRod Controller Options



10 Electrode FOGRod  - Liquid Indicator Transmitter (LIT) 

  • LIT designed specifically for use with FOGRod to replace ultrasonics . radar etc

  • Bright 10 LED liquid  level indication

  • 10 SPCO relay outputs - 1 per electrode

  • 24V DC supply MAX 4W so easily battery backed to provide crucial remote site information such as effluent level during mains fail events

  • A 4-14mA output (1mA per sensor) to transmit level information to a PLC, SCADA etc

  • 2 failsafe relay alarm outputs (cable cut, wiring error, cleaning required)

  • Wide sensitivity range (up to 200K Ohms) to extend use to very low conductivity water applications   

  • FOGRod and LIT directly replaces old products such as the MultiTrode probe and MTIC 

LIT - Liquid Indicator Transmitter

Liquid Indicator Transmitter

Option 2     3 & 5 ELECTRODE SYSTEMS 

Retrofit kit to to easily replace ball float systems

  • Quickly replace 2, 3 or 4 float switches without renewing the control panel

  • Retrofit to existing float controlled pump electrical panels

  • 230V mains powered, IP65 Box all pre-wired

  • 3 x LLR-240 conductive level relays for ultra safe electrode voltage (<10V AC)

  • 2m of supply cable

  • 2m of 4 pair float replacement cable  

  • Each pair marked to connect direct into existing panel float terminals

  • Choose 3 electrode FOGRod to replace 2 ball float systems

  • Choose 5 electrode FOGRod to replace 3 or 4 ball float systems


3 or 5 Electrode FOGRod  - Liquid Level Relay 

  • Simple on-off using 2 FOGRod electrodes

  • Multiple relays can be used in one tank

  • Designed into electrical panels means panels can be FOGRod or ball float controlled with ZERO INTERNAL WIRING CHANGES

  • 1 single pole changeover relay output

  • Adjustable sensitivity

WAT water automation technology FOGRod pump station

LLR - Liquid Level Relay

3 sensor FOGRod DEMO

with 2 pump control FOGBox using 2 x WAT Liquid Level Relays (LLR-240)  

Photo Gallery


FOGRod hanging freely in the wet well effluent, installed next to the inflow in a turbulent area

LIT - LIQUID INDICATOR TRANSMITTER 10 electrode FOGRod controller easily installed in a panel or door mounted. Has 10 relay outputs (1 per electrode), 2 failsafe alarm outputs and a 4-14mA analogue output

EASY INSTALLATION - Install the mounting and cleaning bracket from outside the wet well and hang the FOGRod off the supplied stainless steel hook 

3 FT or 0.9m


This low level / dry run protection  ball float covered in rags was pulled from a water utility customer pump station to be replaced by FOGRod 

Ragging, tangling ball floats = CALL OUTS, BURNT OUT PUMPS & POLLUTION

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