At Water Automation Technology part of our philosophy is to share global water industry best practice. With over 30 years exposure to various SCADA packages (the 1st system we worked on was a Kent K90 DCS) worldwide our objective recommendation for the best overall solution on the market is VTScada from Canadian company Trihedral. This platform is used extensively in oil and gas, water and wastewater and industrial automation in general. The package is very powerful and a few of the reasons we repeatedly used and recommended this platform are as follows

  • Security - Superior security to other packages we've used over the years

  • Scalability - Easily scale from 50 I/O on a laptop to a multi-million tag distributed system

  • Hardware light - You can run up to 1 million data-points on a decent desktop PC. For example a large Water Utility won't require racks and racks of servers. Another reason why overall cost of ownership is far lower

  • Ease of use - Very intuitive and includes many tools 

  • Redundancy - Often difficult to configure however in VTScada it's so easy to set up 

  • RTU/PLC/Controller hardware agnostic - Importantly Trihedral markets their software only and includes a huge library of drivers, which means you can continue using your site control/communications hardware of choice without being pressured to change

  • Technical Support - Always very good, a very easy company to deal with

Click on the picture below to download a FREE 50 I/O licence to try it out


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