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24-230V AC/DC supply operated Boiler Inhibit Relay  (Part no WAT-BIR) to automatically inhibit an electric boiler on electrical CURRENT flow to other high electrical load(s) eg. electric showers, ovens etc. for example using an electric shower the boiler is inhibited ONLY when hot water is flowing, NOT just when the shower pull switch is on as is the case with other models.


More than 1 load can inhibit the boiler using 1 x WAT-BIR limited by the maximum number of separate brown live conductors that can physically pass through the on board Current Transformer (CT) (1 x10mm core or 2 x 6mm cores or 3 x 4mm cores. this can be expanded on request by using a larger diameter external CT connected into the WAT-BIR). Relay is mounted on DIN rail in a polycarbonate box dimensions 130mm x 100mm x  80mm.


Order INCLUDES the boiler inhibit indicator box with fused 230V amber indicator  (Part number WAT-BIR-IND) for installation by the boiler to alert the customer that the boiler is inhibited. Indicator illuminates when inhibit active. Grey PVC box dimensions 100mm x 100mm x 50mm


Wired as directed this device is compliant to BS 7671 - 18th Edition - IET Wiring Regulations







SwitchR Boiler Inhibit Relay

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